Soft and next-to-soft resummation for processes at the LHC

by Aparna Sankar (MPP)

Main/0-174 - Auditorium (Main)

Main/0-174 - Auditorium (Main)

In this talk, I will discuss a framework to resum soft and next-to-soft enhanced logarithms to all orders in perturbative QCD. These large logarithms are comprised of distributions log⁡^i (1−z)/(1−z) resulting from soft plus virtual (SV) and logarithms of the kind log⁡^i(1−z) from next-to-SV (NSV) contributions. We use collinear factorisation and renormalisation group invariance as the building blocks to achieve this. Using this framework we study the numerical implications of NSV corrections in the context of Drell-Yan process and the Higgs boson production at LH