Alternative ways of axion dark matter search with spectroscopy, interferometry, and accelerometry

by Hyungjin Kim (DESY)

HS3 (PD1) and online (

HS3 (PD1) and online


Axion and axion-like particles appear ubiquitously in many beyond the standard model scenarios. In particular, the quantum chromodynamics (QCD) axion provides an interesting solution to the strong CP problem and can be a dark matter candidate in the present universe. If such an axion is dark matter, nuclear quantities, such as nucleon mass, might oscillate in time due to the interaction between the axion dark matter and the gluon field. I will discuss some of the experimental signatures of axion dark matter induced by oscillating nuclear quantities. I will introduce a few spectroscopic, interferometric, and accelerometric searches, which could provide new alternative ways for the axion dark matter search.