Jun 1 – 2, 2023
Europe/Berlin timezone

The study of heavy baryons, which are hadrons composed of three quarks including one or more b or c quarks, is an important area of research in hadron physics. Heavy baryons offer a unique laboratory for studying the strong interaction due to the effects related to spin and flavor being suppressed by the mass of the heavy quark. Additionally, the diversity of families of heavy baryons, such as $\Lambda_Q$, $\Sigma_Q$, $\Xi_Q$, and $\Omega_Q,$ provides vast opportunities for testing models and approaches. The Topical Workshop on "Physics of Heavy Baryons" aims to bring together experts in the field to discuss recent developments and future directions in the study of these particles.

The two-day workshop will cover a range of topics related to heavy baryons, including the properties of the ground states (masses, lifetimes, decay parameters), the excitation pattern of heavy baryons (mass splitting and multiplicities),and identification of hadronic molecules in the vicinity of meson-baryon and baryon-baryon thresholds. The workshop will also address recent experimental methods and results, as well as developments in theoretical tools such as lattice QCD, constituent quark models, effective unitarized theories, and QCD sum rules. Through presentations and discussions, the workshop will provide a platform for experts to exchange ideas and collaborate on current and future research in heavy baryon physics.

The workshop aims to deepen our understanding of the properties and behavior of heavy baryons, identify future challenges and opportunities, and promote collaboration in this field of hadron physics.

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1/06/2023 Meeting ID: 652 7675 5082

2/06/2023 Meeting ID: 670 3692 8649

Password: 454599


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