Aug 6 – 8, 2024
Europe/Berlin timezone

Scattering amplitudes are crucial building blocks to interpret our current theories of fundamental interactions, Quantum Field Theory and String Theory, as they provide a tool to compute the probability that a given scattering process among N external particles takes place. Their structure becomes more intricate with the increase in the precision of the calculations and when more particles are considered. Collaborative efforts between physicists and mathematicians have unveiled common mathematical structures which appear ubiquitously in these calculations, notably involving polylogarithms, elliptic integrals and modular forms. As we venture into exploring higher perturbative orders, we encounter new function spaces, related in particular to higher-genus surfaces and higher-dimensional Calabi-Yau varieties. The topical workshop "Elliptics and Beyond ’24” hosted by the MIAPbP aims to gather experts to address these challenges, with long-term goals including a comprehensive theory of iterated integration for geometries beyond elliptic curves and precision calculation for collider and gravitational wave experiments, towards an innovative formulation of fundamental interactions.

Tentative registration deadline: spring 2024

Registration for this event is currently open.