Research Area G Science Day

seminar room 1.18.b (downstairs) (MPE, Giessenbachstr., Garching)

seminar room 1.18.b (downstairs)

MPE, Giessenbachstr., Garching

Bruno Leibundgut (ESO) , Roland Diehl (MPE)
The Excellence Cluster Universe organizes the Research Area G Science Day. Experimental as well as theoretical Cluster scientists and students who are active in the field "Origin of the cosmic chemical elements and the compositional evolution of the universe" come together to present current research results and developments. Start: 9:30 End: 16:50 See the attached program pdf. Venue: MPE Organizers: RA-G leaders Prof. Roland Diehl (MPE) and Dr. Bruno Leibundgut (ESO) and the team of the Excellence Cluster Universe
Slides Hauptmann
Slides Hillebrandt
Slides Janka
Slides Kudritzki
Slides Lubos
Slides Ludwig
Slides Primas
Slides Rejkuba
Slides Siegert
Slides Wimmer
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