18-20 October 2016
Excellence Cluster Universe, Garching
Europe/Berlin timezone
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The Excellence Cluster Universe organises a workshop "Towards accurate lightcones for cosmology", which will take place during 18-20 October 2016 in Garching.

Large surveys of galaxies and gravitational lensing provide us with excellent data on the large scale structure (e.g. galaxy and gravitational shear correlations) with very small statistical uncertainties, which is essential for a better understanding of the nature and properties of dark energy and dark matter, the evolution galaxies, and the origin of cosmic structure. To properly interpret these data, model predictions for these quantities must be very accurate (e.g. stage-IV dark energy experiments require sub-percent accurate predictions for galaxy and lensing correlations). Currently, lightcone and gravitational lensing simulations are crucial to obtain these predictions. Thus, a systematic approach for developing, testing, and validating lightcone and lensing simulation software and their outputs is required.

The workshop brings together leading experts in the field of generating and analyzing galaxy and gravitational lensing lightcones from cosmic structure formation simulations to address the following questions:
  • Which tests are required to quantify the accuracy of simulated lightcones and lightcone generation codes for their application in cosmology?
  • What is the level of accuracy of existing lightcone simulation implementations?
  • For a given target accuracy, what is the accuracy required for the input from structure formation simulations,
  • which physical and observational effects need to be taken into account, and
  • what numerical schemes are feasible?

Before the worksop, participants are asked to engage in preparatory discussions of, e.g., the first steps for testing and validating lightcones and lightcone simulation software, as well as matters of data input and output formats. Participants are then provided with common data from structure formation simulations, are encouraged to produce lightcones from these data, and to analyse the outputs. At the workshop, participants will discuss their lightcone simulations. Participants will also draft the outline of a joint publication, which will summarize these results, and which will be jointly written by the participants after the workshop.

If you are interested to attend, please register. We encourage you to submit a title and abstract if you like to present a talk.

There will be no fee.

Scientific Organising Committee:
Pablo Fosalba,
Stefan Hilbert,
Jens Jasche,
Alexander Knebe,
Frazier Pearce
Excellence Cluster Universe, Garching
MIAPP Building, Seminar Room
important dates:
  • hotel reservation with special rates before 28 Aug 2016
  • workshop 18 - 20 Oct 2016
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