Special Universe Talk: Turbulence in astrophysical and laboratory plasmas: Connecting the dots

by Frank Jenko (IPP)

seminar room, basement (Universe Cluster, Boltzmannstr. 2, Garching)

seminar room, basement

Universe Cluster, Boltzmannstr. 2, Garching

Abstract: It is widely recognized that turbulence is an important and exciting frontier topic in many fields of science, including astrophysics. Numerous aspects of this paradigmatic example of nonlinear multiscale dynamics remain to be better understood. Meanwhile, for both laboratory and natural plasmas, an impressive combination of new experimental and observational data, new theoretical concepts, and new computational capabilities (on the brink of the exascale era!) have and will become available. Thus, we are facing a unique window of opportunity to push the boundaries of our grasp of plasma turbulence. In this context, a main goal is to further unravel its crucial role in phenomena like cross-field transport of mass, momentum, and heat, particle acceleration and propagation, plasma heating, magnetic reconnection, or dynamo action. Frank will describe recent advances and future challenges in this vibrant area of research, focusing on novel insights into the redistribution and dissipation of energy in turbulent plasmas at kinetic scales, with relevance to various space and astrophysical systems. The talk is followed by a get-together with Würstl and Brezn on the 1st floor (lounge area).
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