Sep 14 – 16, 2022
Zoom and Lecture Hall 2U01, Leopoldstr. 13, Munich
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What social factors keep women away from studying mathematical physics?

Sep 15, 2022, 9:00 AM
1h 30m



Prof. Hiromi Yokoyama (Kavli IPMU)


Japan has the lowest rate of STEM women in the OECD. It also has a low gender gap index and does not have a high awareness of equality among women along with men. This was imagined to be related to the tendency of female norms in Japanese society to demand submissive women.

The STEM female rate has been studied in social psychology, sociology of education, and sociology of science and technology. However, no studies have examined the impact of social climate on equality levels.

The authors focused on the image of men in physics and mathematics, which have particularly low rates of women in STEM in Japan. The authors found for the first time that the image of men in mathematics is statistically affected by the social climate of inequality, which is "dislike of talented women," as well as by the image of employment and mathematics stereotypes.

In addition, many other results, such as the gender level of logical thinking ability and calculation ability, the gender level of keywords, and the gender level when compared to pharmacy, nursing, and mechanical engineering, were clarified from the viewpoint of social climate.

In this presentation, the authors will present the results of their four-year project and discuss future prospects.

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