October 13, 2023
TUM Physics Dept., Room 3344
Europe/Berlin timezone


Dozens of exotic heavy hadrons have been discovered over the last twenty years. Despite our knowledge of the fundamental quantum field theory QCD, the pattern of exotic heavy hadrons remains unexplained.  Significant theoretical progress has been made by the development of Born-Oppenheimer Effective Theory, which enables systematic expansions about the adiabatic limit in which heavy quarks move very slowly.  I will argue that the alternative diabatic formulation of the Born-Oppenheimer expansion is the key to understanding exotic double-heavy hadrons.

TUM Physics Dept., Room 3344
Room 3344 (Theory Library)
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Prof. Eric Braaten, Ohio State University, is an ORIGINS guest from 8. October - 4 November, 2023,  hosted by Prof. Nora Brambilla, TUM