Jun 13 – 17, 2011
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Measurement of the Pion Polarizabilities at COMPASS

Jun 14, 2011, 6:20 PM
1h 10m
Millerzimmer (Künstlerhaus)



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Mr Thiemo Nagel (TUM)


At the COMPASS experiment located at the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) at CERN, several weeks of the 2009 beam time have been dedicated to the measurement of soft processes in the scattering of 190 GeV/c pions off nuclear targets. Primakoff Compton scattering pi- + Z ----> pi- + gamma + Z i.e. production of a real photon through interaction of the beam pion with a quasi-real photon from the Coulomb field of the nucleus can be separated from strong interactions by requiring extremely small recoil momenta and gives access to the pion polarizabilities alpha_pi and beta_pi and can be compared to predictions of chiral pertubation theory. The presentation will give an overview of the current state of analysis and include an outlook towards a high-statistics Primakoff beam time proposed for 2012. This work is supported by German Ministry of Education and Research, Cluster of Excellence 153 and Maier-Leibnitz-Labor Muenchen.

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