February 17, 2022
Europe/Berlin timezone

The purpose of the Axion Day is to bring together all the experts in axion-related research in the Munich area and foster fruitful exchanges and collaborations among them. 

This full-day workshop will also aim at providing a compact but comprehensive overview of axion physics, with talks covering:

  • Axion theory
  • Axion experiments
  • Axion & Inflation
  • Axion & Dark Matter
  • Axion & Dark Energy

The event will be held online on Zoom.

Slido event
Link: https://app.sli.do/event/fgXXNpHoDFSLtPFnBjFeTi/live/questions
Event name: AxionDay

Gather Town (for coffee breaks)
Link: https://gather.town/app/2vZPPZq5pjMfaBuV/AxionDayCoffee


The Axion Day event is part of the activities of the ORIGINS excellence cluster and the SBF 1258 "Neutrinos and dark matter".

Registration for this event is currently open.