FemTUM 2022

Hörsaal 3 (TUM Physik Department)

Hörsaal 3

TUM Physik Department


This workshop started as a place meant to bring together the theory experts working on interactions of hadrons with strange content and experimentalists involved in the measurement of correlation functions of several hadron pairs by means of the ALICE data.
Now after two years in which the collaboration between us experimentalists and our theoreticians colleagues grew, we will meet again in a hybrid format workshop to discuss the status and the future opportunities to be exploited with the new ALICE data taking period.

The program will focus on both experimental and theoretical aspects of:

  • Two- and three- body interactions with strange and non strange mesons and baryons

  • Interactions of deuterons with baryons and mesons

  • Strong interaction with charm hadrons

Registration to the FemTUM22 meeting
  • Akira Ohnishi
  • alejandro kievsky
  • Anton Riedel
  • Benjamin Doenigus
  • Bhawani Singh
  • Chiara Pinto
  • Daniel Battistini
  • Dimitar Mihaylov
  • Emma Chizzali
  • Fabrizio Grosa
  • Georgios Mantzaridis
  • Harald Appelshäuser
  • Jaime Gonzalez
  • Johann Haidenbauer
  • Laura Elisa Marcucci
  • Laura Fabbietti
  • Laura Serksnyte
  • Luca Barioglio
  • Marcel Lesch
  • Maximilian Korwieser
  • Maximiliano Puccio
  • Michael Jung
  • Michele Viviani
  • Oton Vazquez Doce
  • Qiye Shou
  • Raffaele Del Grande
  • Ramona Lea
  • Rossana Facen
  • Sebastian Koenig
  • Stanislaw Mrowczynski
  • Takumi Doi
  • Tetsuo Hatsuda
  • Tetsuo Hyodo
  • Valentina Mantovani Sarti
  • Yan Lyu
  • Yoichi Ikeda
  • Yuki Kamiya
    • 1
      Upgraded model for emitting source in pp collisions: CECA
      Speaker: Dr Dimitar Mihaylov (TUM)
    • 2
      π π correlations in pp collisions
      Speaker: Maximilian Korwieser (TUM)
    • 3
      pΛ, pΣ: experimental and theoretical overview
      Speakers: Dr Johann Haidenbauer, Dr Valentina Mantovani Sarti
    • 4
      pΦ: experimental and theoretical overview
      Speakers: Yan Lyu (Peking University ), Emma Chizzali
    • 5
      pΩ and ΛΞ: experimental and theoretical overview
      Speakers: Dr Doi Takumi (RIKEN), Georgios Mantzaridis (Technische Universität München (TUM))
    • 6
      pK- and pK0 S: experimental and theoretical overview
      Speakers: Ramona Lea (University and INFN Trieste), Yuki Kamiya (HISKP, Bonn University)
    • 7
      ΛK and antiΛK correlations in pp collisions
      Speaker: Valentina Mantovani Sarti (TUM)
    • 8
      Round Table
    • 9
      pd: theory
      Speaker: Michele Viviani (INFN-Pisa)
    • 10
      pd and Kd: experiment
      Speaker: Oton Vazquez Doce (INFN - LNF)
    • 11
      Λd calculations
      Speaker: Johann Haidenbauer
    • 12
      ppp and ppΛ: experimental and theoretical overview
      Speakers: alejandro kievsky (INFN), Laura Serksnyte
    • 13
      ppK- and ppK+: experimental and theoretical overview
      Speakers: Dr Yoichi Ikeda (Osaka University), Raffaele Del Grande (Technische Universität München)
    • 14
      ppπ interactions
      Speaker: Marcel Lesch (TUM)
    • 15
      J/ψ-p and Λc-p interaction review
      Speaker: Johann Haidenbauer
    • 16
      Round Table
    • 17
      Social Dinner
    • 18
      Dπ and DK: experiment
      Speaker: Daniel Battistini (TUM)
    • 19
      DD*: theory
      Speaker: Yuki Kamiya (HISKP, Bonn University)
    • 20
      Prespects for measurements of charm-charm hadron correlations with ALICE3
      Speaker: Fabrizio Grosa (CERN)
    • 21
      Round Table