Jun 13 – 17, 2011
Europe/Berlin timezone
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The light nuclei spin structure from the hadronic interactions at intermediate energies.

Jun 14, 2011, 2:50 PM
Club 1 (Künstlerhaus)

Club 1


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Dr Pavel Kurilkin (JINR. Dubna)


The experimental results on the deuteron analyzing powers for the dp-elastic scattering and the dd->3Hp(dd->3Hen) reaction at intermediate energies are reported. These data were obtained using polarized deuteron beams at Nuclotron (JINR, Russia) and RARF (RIKEN, Japan). The results on the analyzing powers Ay, Ayy and Axx in dp- elastic scattering obtained at Nuclotron at 880 MeV and 2000 MeV are compared with the predictions of several theoretical models. The importance of the rescattering effects and relativistic corrections is shown. The data on the tensor analysing powers for the dd->3Hp and dd->3Hen reactions obtained at RARF at 200 and 270 MeV demonstrate the sensitivity to the 3H, 3He and deuteron spin structures, especially, at the small scattering angles. The behavior of the analyzing powers at large scattering angles demonstrates the large discrepancy with the current theoretical calculations. The plans on the experimental studies of the polarization effects in dp- elastic scattering, dp-nonmesonic breackup, dd->3Hen(3Hp) and d3He->p4He reactions using internal and extracted beam at Nuclotron are presented.

Primary author

Dr Pavel Kurilkin (JINR. Dubna)

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