Jun 13 – 17, 2011
Europe/Berlin timezone
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A new interpretation for the $D^*_{s2}(2573)$ and the prediction of novel exotic charmed mesons

Jun 13, 2011, 5:10 PM
Millerzimmer (Künstlerhaus)



talk Heavy Hadrons Heavy Hadrons


Mrs Raquel Molina (IFIC)


We study the vector - vector interaction within the hidden gauge formalism in a coupled channel unitary approach. In the sector $C=1,S=1,J=2$ we get a pole in the T-matrix around $2572$ MeV that we identify with the $D^*_{s2}(2573)$, coupling strongly to the $D^*K^*$($D^*_s\phi$($\omega$)) channels. In addition we obtain resonances in other exotic sectors which have not been studied before such as $C=1,S=-1$, $C=2,S=0$ and $C=2,S=1$. This 'flavor-exotic' states are interpreted as $D^*\bar{K^*}$, $D^*D^*$ and $D^*_sD^*$ molecular states but have not been observed yet. In total we obtain nine states with different spin, isospin, charm and strangeness of non $C=0,S=0$ and $C=1,S=0$ character, which have been reported before.

Primary author

Mrs Raquel Molina (IFIC)


Prof. Eulogio Oset (IFIC) Mrs Tania Branz (Tuebingen University)

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