Origins Data Science Block Courses


The Origins Data Science Lab (ODSL) is organizing two block courses on data science topics.

The courses, as well as the tutorials, will take place online. The tutorials will be organised through breakout rooms, each assigned to a tutor.

The block courses follow the schedule:

  • Lecture: Monday-Wednesday 14:00-17:00
  • Tutorial: Tuesday-Thursday 9:00-12:00

The course itself, as well as one tutorial will be recorded, the other tutorials not. If you have any objections to this, please contact us directly. We will make the recordings of the lectures available online.

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All exercises will be made available before the courses and the deadline to hand in the report is March 31.

The link to the zoom meeting for the block course is:


Meeting ID: 558 108 6106



1.  Pablo Morales

Meeting ID: 615 6091 2178 
Passcode: 235711 

2. Jan Pucek

Meeting ID: 555 030 3000
Passcode: 010203

3. Livio Verra

Meeting ID: 662 750 2609
Passcode: 836263

4. Fabian Batsch

Meeting ID: 851 956 5550
Passcode: 123456

Also, the recordings of the lectures and tutorial sessions will be made available at:


For students successfully completing both Block Courses, 5 (TUM) or  3 (LMU) ECTS points will be awarded.  Successful completion means turning in solutions to assigned problems by the end of March and getting a passing grade.  The Courses are:

Block I (March 1-4):  Introduction to Statistical Methods

Lecturer: Prof. Allen Caldwell

Topics: Derivation and application of the most commonly used statistical distributions, Central Limit Theorem, point estimates, confidence intervals, test statistics, p-values and related topics.

Block II (March 8-11):  Introduction to Monte Carlo methods

Lecturer: Prof. Allen Caldwell

Topics: Variable transformations, accept-reject methods, sample mean, importance sampling, random walks, Markov Chain Monte Carlos and applications

Forms of credit

It is possible to get a Certification or ECTS points for participation in the Block Courses:

To get a Certificate of Participation (for either one of the two blocks or both), you will need to turn in solutions to the exercises that will be assigned during the course (tutoring session exercises) and get a passing grade.  The certification will be done on a course-by-course basis, and will state that you have successfully completed the Block Course in the respective topic.  Please register for the course in advance so we can estimate how much work will be involved in the evaluation of the reports.

To get the 5 (TUM) or 3 (LMU) ECTS points, you will need to turn in solutions to all exercises for both Block Courses (tutoring + homework exercises) that will be offered this year. The grade for the course will be based on the two sets of exercises, and there will not be an additional exam. The deadline to hand in the report is  March 31. Please register for the courses in advance so we can estimate how much work will be involved in the evaluation of the reports.

Participants who do not want a certificate or points are not required to turn in solutions, but are allowed to.

Course evaluation