Jun 13 – 17, 2011
Europe/Berlin timezone
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Finite volume effects in the meson scalar sector and generalization of Luescher approach to two coupled channels

Jun 13, 2011, 5:40 PM
Festsaal (Künstlerhaus)



talk Light Mesons Light Mesons


Eulogio Oset (IFIC , University of Valencia)


We develop a scheme on how to obtain the lightest scalar mesons from hypothetical QCD lattice results. The latter are simulated by using the two channel chiral unitary approach for and K Kbar scattering that generates the f0(600) and f0(980) resonances. We re-derive Luescher formula for one channel in a very simple way suited to practitioners of the chiral unitary approach, and then from the finite volume discrete eigenenergies we induce the free scattering amplitude using the one channel Luescher formula, which we show to work remarkably well up to energies very close to the K Kbar threshold. We then propose some methods to extend Luescher results to two channels and find that they work and allow us to obtain results for the different coupled channel amplitudes beyond the K Kbar threshold. With the two channel method we find that one can obtain in a clean way both the f0(600) and f0(980) resonances of the scalar sector in I = 0 and the a0(980) in I = 1 with the and K Kbar channels. An error analysis is done to determine the precision needed in the lattice calculations.

Primary author

Eulogio Oset (IFIC , University of Valencia)


Akaki Rusetsky (University of Bonn) Michael Döring (University of Bonn) Ulf Meissner (University of Bonn)

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