Hadronic three-body Christmas



Boltzmannstraße 2, 85748 Garching bei München https://www.munich-iapp.de/
Boris Grube (Technische Universität München) , Mikhail Mikhasenko (ORIGINS Excellence Cluster) , Stephan Paul (TUM)

The aim of the workshop is to foster interpreting the experimental data on hadron resonances recently published by the COMPASS and LHCb collaborations by bringing together researchers across the world working in the field of hadron spectroscopy. Particularly, precision measurements on the three-pion interaction were published by the COMPASS collaboration this summer. Its interpretation calls for a dispersive approach addressing the final-state interaction. Complimentary, precision studies of the interaction amplitude are required in the heavy flavor sector to move forward with understanding the nature of the exotic candidates. Particularly, double-charm tetraquark recently discovered by LHCb decays dominantly to a system of three particles where mutual interaction plays an essential role. Further amplitude analysis of this exotic state and understanding of its fundamental properties demand a combined effort of the theory and experiment.

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